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Take Control of Your HealthCare

We focus on YOU, not insurance payments, and spend the time needed to understand what matters most to you as well as the lifestyle factors that impact your health. We want to partner with you to achieve your health goals.

Our goal is to prevent, not just react.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care include:

A doctor that listens and works with you within the context of your unique lifestyle

Flat monthly fees keep guesswork out of healthcare costs

After-hours and weekend access to call your own doctor

Your doctor is free to spend more time with you at each visit.

Direct Primary Care | Exactly what it sounds like

Direct Primary Care (DPC), is an innovative healthcare model that provides access to primary care for an affordable, flat monthly fee.


Eliminating insurance billing and the bureaucracy that goes with it frees your doctor to spend substantially more time with you at each visit.

Extra time allows your doctor to work with you more comprehensively, within the context of your family, work, environment, lifestyle and community.

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Imagine spending 45 minutes with your family doctor at a visit.

At Mountain View Family HealthCare, that will be your new reality.


DPC: Changing how Durango Businesses & Individuals Access Care

DPC for Individuals Explained

What Is Good For Health | Is Good For Business

Adding Direct Primary Care to employee benefits offers:


• Reliable, affordable access to quality primary care

• Healthier, more productive employees

• Discounts on major medical plan premiums

• Less absenteeism

• Lower workers’ comp claims

• Greater employee satisfaction

• The opportunity to support another local business and our community

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DPC For Business Owners: A Health Care Revolution

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Mountain View Family HealthCare is part of a unique, integrative model with on-site experts in nutrition, fitness and behavioral health who actively collaborate to better support your health goals.




Good health starts with what you put into your body. Our dietitians develop personalized nutrition plans to assist with weight management, treating chronic disease and gastrointestinal issues and optimizing performance and overall well-being.




We focus on functional fitness, partnering with both on-and off-site trainers and facilities to make your fitness goals a reality.



Behavioral Health

Behavior plays in integral role in our ability to optimize health. Our clinical psychologist treats issues including depression, anxiety and chronic pain while helping you identify and break through barriers to achieving lifestyle changes.